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Actors, writers, designers, directors and producers have come and gone but Dr Who remains one of the most popular family shows ever devised for British television. Despite all the changes, the programme maintains a consistent core of themes, in the Doctor ‘s philosophy, his relations with his companions, his foibles and failings as well as his multifarious talents, and in the nature of the evil foes he pits himself against. Using scenes from episodes involving all four Doctors William Hartnell , Patrick Troughton , Jon Pertwee and Tom Baker , tonight’s programme will explore the ideas and attitudes which have characterised the series from the beginning. Appearing in the programme as themselves are Tom Baker, viewers young and old, along with a galaxy of monsters from Autons to Zarbis. The seven Doctors and their various assistants are fondly remembered, and their relative merits hotly debated by generations of fans. Classic clips, interviews, behind-the-scenes anecdotes and even Doctor Who “bloopers” feature in this special birthday tribute.

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Using rare diaries and newspapers from the time, Katherine discovers how the famous port city was the primary embarkation point for British forces with eight million individual troop movements recorded between and As the birthplace of the Spitfire, Southampton also played a crucial role in achieving victory in World War Two. Katherine meets Don and Margaret, both in their 90s, who helped to build the iconic aircraft.

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On this occasion, he went to Bexar County Jail. The good thing about documentaries is that what you see is what you get. For me, what makes a good programme is one that gives me something to talk about afterwards. But it seemed to me as if the Bexar County Jail was the perfect catalyst for a deterioration to insanity. Those that did admit to having suicidal thoughts or who showed signs of psychological instability were sent to a suicide prevention ward.

Here, they were stripped completely naked and wrapped in a grey Velcro-sealed smock. Something that Reggie said towards the end of the show also got me thinking. I also wonder what percentage of prisoners is actually classified as criminally insane. Anyway, in the documentary, one of the men on the high-risk ward explained that that for some, this way of life is what gives them the will to live. It seems that in many ways the prison is a sanctuary; providing, food, warmth, access to hot water, purpose and in some cases companionship.

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She has been part of the furniture on Saturday night TV for the last 18 years. Little did she know that when she took the job of presenting the programme – spawned by Australian dating show Perfect Match – that she would secure her status as national icon. The show’s format is simple – a contestant picks a date from three hopefuls hidden behind a screen by asking them questions, with the resulting couple being whisked away on holiday to see if they hit it off.

This is obviously not a foolproof way to find a suitable partner, and the often ensuing conflict – refereed by Black – made for compulsive viewing when the show was at its peak.

10 October Allegations from 13 more women are published in the New Yorker magazine, including three accusations of rape, which Weinstein strongly denies.; Actress Asia Argento and a former.

Goldwasser also had a profile on Bear Nation by the same name. Truth Wins Out does not engage in the outing of people participating in ex-gay programs unless there is overwhelming hypocrisy, exchange of commerce, and the threat of harm to LGBT youth. The Goldwasser outing passes all three tests. According to the Declaration: In one section, homosexuality, which is not a mental health disorder or disease, is casually pathologized and compared to Obsessive Compulsive Disorder: Two people with SSA can be completely different in every other aspect of their lives and psychological makeup and cannot be grouped solely based on their common challenge.

Similarly, OCD can manifest itself in countless different variations, subtypes, and combinations. Describing a group of individuals only in terms of OCD compromises and distorts the comprehensive and accurate clinical picture of each individual.

TWO Outs ‘Ex-Gay’ Therapist Who Claims to Cure Gays, Yet Solicits Sex on Manhunt, a Gay Dating App

It may seem longer because we grew attached to the series and its characters after five seasons Merlin himself is still working out his magical powers in these early days. Gaius guides Merlin through Camelot, acting as a mentor. He provided a voiceover for the short film Making Ends Meat. He plays a zombified love interest to the heroine, also a zombie, played by New Zealander Rose McIver.

The Met Police are investigating three more claims of sexual assault against Kevin Spacey, the BBC understands. Between February and April of this year, police received allegations that the.

James Rodger Head of Trends Producers at the Beeb want Birmingham singletons for the new dating show. The brand-new dating show will look to hook Brummies up with a hot date. It’s set to be fronted by up-and-coming online star Yung Filly. The show allows contestants to snoop around their potential date’s homes and meet their friends and family before they actually meet them. The show – called Hot Property – will see the contestant then decide if they’d like to go on a date with them based on what they dig up and through chats with their loved ones.

Do you have chemistry on the dance floor? According to the BBC, each episode kicks off with Yung Filly showing the singleton an item owned by five possible dates. Once the contestant narrows the choices down to three, they get to start exploring. Yung Filly will lead them around the houses of the three leftover suitors in a quest to uncover their personalities and hidden secrets.

The snooping session will inevitably leave the contestant with many burning questions so wingman Yung Filly will take them off to chat with the suitors’ closest loved one, whether that be their best friend or even their mum. After these revealing conversations, one lucky person is chosen for a date. Read More The Jeremy Kyle Show has job vacancies – here’s how to apply If you’re interested in peeking behind the curtain to find love then click here to apply. You must be single and be between 18 and 35 years of age.

It’s raining men: BBC weather presenter Carol Kirkwood happy with her new man

February 24, at What is wrong with the Banksters, we used to be better at ripping people off, thany anywhere else in the world, Britain is losing its touch as a scamster nation. New Worldview February 24, at Yet Nicola Sturgeon says she welcomes the Beeb to Scotland, as it creates jobs for eighty journalists. Is she just playing them along?

BBC One offers something of value for everyone with a range of high-quality, popular programming for a modern UK audience. The channel was named Channel of the Year at the Broadcast Awards.

The year-old newsreader, who formerly presented ‘BBC Breakfast’, decided to undergo the operation after she was diagnosed with breast cancer a week after her 50th birthday last year. The year-old presenter was concerned he’d sleep through and miss his debut gig on the programme this morning The year-old host, who announced his departure last year, was visibly moved when he sat on the red sofa today to present his final… 9 Feb TV gossip Dan Walker is set to co-present ‘BBC Breakfast’.

The year-old host has revealed he’s decided to leave the early morning news show after 15 years to pursue some “exciting” new opportunities in TV and radio. Speaking on this morning’s The famous TV couple, best known for hosting ‘This Morning’, say no amount of talent change will save ITV’s troubled morning slot and feel the problem lies within the… 11 Mar TV gossip Susanna Reid is getting on with her life “like anybody else” following her split from Dominic Cotton.

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Order Reprint of this Story November 01, What they got was something else entirely. These lies prompted people to send nude photos and their money to four people in South Carolina — two of whom were in prison at the time, according to an indictment. The scheme involved meeting people on the dating site. From August to January , these people were located across the country, according to the indictment which said they were in New York, Tennessee and Florida, among other places.

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) is a British public service headquarters are at Broadcasting House in Westminster, London and it is the world’s oldest national broadcasting organisation and the largest broadcaster in the world by number of employees. It employs over 20, staff in total, 16, of whom are in public sector broadcasting.

The British Government licensed the BBC through its General Post Office , which had original control of the airwaves because they had been interpreted under law as an extension of the Post Office services. Today radio broadcasting still makes up a large part of the corporation’s output – the title of the BBC’s listings magazine, Radio Times , reflects this. John Reith , who had been the founding managing director of the commercial company, became the first Director General.

He expounded firm principles of centralised, all-encompassing radio broadcasting, stressing programming standards and moral tone. These he set out in his autobiography, Broadcast Over Britain , influencing modern ideas of public service broadcasting in the United Kingdom. To this day, the BBC aims to follow the Reithian directive to “inform, educate and entertain”. The English language service of Radio Luxembourg began in as one of the earliest commercial radio stations broadcasting to Britain and Ireland.

With no possibility of commercial broadcasting available from inside the UK, a former British Royal Air Force captain and entrepreneur and from Conservative Party member of parliament named Leonard F. Plugge set up his own International Broadcasting Company in Because Plugge successfully demonstrated that State monopolies such as that of the BBC could be broken, other parties became attracted to the idea of creating a new commercial radio station specifically for this purpose.

It was an important forerunner of pirate radio and modern commercial radio in the United Kingdom. Empire and the world[ edit ] To provide a different service from the domestic audience the Corporation started the BBC Empire Service on short wave in , originally in English but it soon provided programmes in other languages. By millions were tuning into these commercial operations, and the BBC was rapidly losing its radio listening audience.


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The British Broadcasting Corporation Microcomputer System, or BBC Micro, is a series of microcomputers and associated peripherals designed and built by the Acorn Computer company in the s for the BBC Computer Literacy Project, operated by the British Broadcasting ed with an emphasis on education, it was notable for its ruggedness, .

Surely Radio One didn’t come first? The BBC, having television stations 1 and 2, decided to be terribly imaginative when re-naming their radio stations! L Smith, Edinburgh, Scotland In the late s. Radio 2 maintained the same sort of output as the Light Programme, whereas Radio 1 became the first BBC station officially to broadcast pop, rock and soul rather than Housewives’ Favourites and James Last. When the pirate radios of the s were so successful at broadcasting pop and rock music, sadly lacking on the BBC, they responded by creating Radio 1.

And then renamed the others. The Third Programme sensibly became Radio 3, it was probably a toss-up between 2 and 4 for the other two.

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